GT Development knows that building a home is a major expense for anyone. One aspect of having a home built that is daunting for many is the need for an interim construction loan to fund the construction prior to move-in and the initiation of your traditional home mortgage loan. 

GT Development is able to relieve this financial burden by funding the construction ourselves. Once you have qualified for your home mortgage, and finalized your contract with us, we provide the interim financing until your home is ready for move-in. 

This aspect of the GT Development process sets us apart and means great savings for you. No construction loan means none of the fees associated with it – no construction loan origination fees or closing costs and no construction loan interest during construction. And that translates to savings for you. Wouldn’t you rather hold onto that money?

Come by our offices and visit with one of our Home Specialists to learn more about financing your home building with GT Development.

*Some restrictions apply.

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